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piers will take over his own show in this time slot starting in early january. we will complete 25 1/2 years in this time slot on cnn. welcome aboard, piers morgan. you are a wonderful guy. we look forward to working with you. katie couric, brian williams, diane sawyer all here tomorrow night along with dr. mehmet oz. we'll stand up to cancer. -- captions by vitac -- this hour on cnn, everything you need to know for your week ahead, including the deadly gas explosion in california. an example of more to comedo ife don't update our crumbling infrastructu infrastructure. we'll tell you how to find the s line where is you live and just how old they are. a very powerful hurricane is churning in the atlantic. barely a storm a day ago. now a major threat. it's head ouing our way. it's a provocative question,
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we know. do amerin muims need a reality check. even more interesting, the person asking is a muslim a conversationou need to hear this hour. good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. we start tonight in san bruno, cafornia, where there are new questions about that gas pipeline that exploded on thursday killing at least four people. some are still missing. cnn has obtained a document from the owner, pg & e, saying the pipeline had a relatively high risk and likelihood of failure. some residents were escorted back to their homes today to see the damage to their neighborhood. those with the most dadly damaged homes are still being kept away. cnn's ted rowland went along with one family left speechless by the devastation. >> holy [ bleep ]. what the [ bleep ] is that? >> reporter: this incredible home video was captured moments after the explosion from a house balcony just behind the gas
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pipe. the voice you hear belongs to walter mccaffrey. he had one hand on his video camera, the other on his phonei telling his wife not to come home with their three children. this is the view from that deck now. walter and his wife werey allowd back unday aernoon to their house for the first time since the explosion. >> just looking at all this, i mean, i saw all this from the news. being here and the first time coming up here and looking at all this, it was just -- there's no words. i can't really explain. >> reporter: teams are still sifting through ash searching for remains of people still listed as missing. as investigators try to learn what caused the explosion, questions have surfaced about the section of pipe that blew. a pg & e document outlining costs to replace the pipe says, quote, the likelihood of a fact yur makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high. that doesn't mean pg & e thought
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there was a chance the pipe could explode, but mark tony, he kpaektive director of the consumer watchdog group utility reform network says it's important if reports that residents smelled gas before the explos,ion are true. >> nobody, including pg & e could have imagined somethingles horrible as the san bruno fire and blast as happening. the fact remains when pg & e go the reports of gas leaks from several customers over several days, they should have realized that this was an area that was old that was at high risk, that they identified as high risk
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joins us live. ted, is pg&e commenting? >> no, don. since the ntsb took over this investigation, &pg&e said becaue it's ongoing and we're not leading it, we can't comment. the first few days they had a lot to, saybut no comments. we just don't have their perspective as far as the pipe unfortunely. >> today, we're just getting word theumber of missing changed from six to four. what happened? >>ell, good news. this afternoon, at some point, the city of san bruno found two of the people that were reported potentially missing. so they are alive and well. so the leveldropped by two. still four confirmed dead. >> all right, cnn's ted rollins reporting from san bruno,
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california to night. thank you, sir. after seeing the san bruno explosion, you may be wondering what's underneath your home? stick around and we'll show you where to go t find out if pipelines are in your neighborhood. that's half an hour on cnn. an american woman is hoping this is her last night in iranian custody. iranian officials are once again offeringel to release sharon shourd. they were detained after allegedly crossing over into but iran wants a big chunk of airan. bail money before letting her go. >> the families as they have been for months have been leaning on each other for support. this latest announcement about bail in the amount of $500,000 brings a whole new set of complications with it.mi and the family are reports that they're also indicted on spying charges. you will remember that the
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family all along has flatly denied that they are spies and if they cross, the border, it s by accident. now, among those sorting through all of this is the swiss ambassador. since the united states has no diplomatic ties with, iran, the swiss government would likely be acting as intermediaries. the ambassador in teheran tells cnn that technicallies have been imposed by the prosecutor in iran and that all of those are being reviewed at this's time. it's also unclear where the money would come from. the families are keeping quiet about all of this. whether the dpunfunds would com from some other source is also not known. d as far as trade sanctions beina possible sticking point among others, there's talks of perhaps waivers balanced budget involv -- being involved that could clear up all of that. one spesman saying we're in a wait and see mode. we want all three released and returned ag nd president obama s said theame thing
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consistently. later this mon, a u.n. general meets in new york and mahmoud ahmadinejad is expecting to be attending. there's speculation he might bring all three hikers with h. certainly, don, the families have been urging him for a humanitarian release. don? >> susan candiotti in new york. thank you for that. >> a desecration on 9/11. that's what a man said about the duelling rallies at ground zero. and he said he's worried americans are forgetting what 9/11 should stand for. plus hurricane igor is picking up steam. and it's time for you to be a part of this show, a part of conversation here. you can have you say. on to any of the special media sites you e right there and send us a comment. are you suffering from frequent heartburn ?
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some people say the anniversary of september 11 was unlike the last eight. they feel the controversy of a proposed islamic center turned a day of mourning to a political football. one says a rally was a desecration to the meaning of september 11. he told me there's been a am9/1 amnesia in today's politics. >> one of the things that came out of that awful day wasn't just the beginning of a wider war we're still engaged in, but an awareusness that what unitess is fundamentally more important than those things that divide us as americans. and what we're seeing with the rise of partisan politics and an ugliness at some of these
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rallies marks the fact that i think we're forgetting that again. the divisions that are deeply ivisive to americans, whether democrat or reblican, completely unimportant under the wider lens of the war we're in. that was an awareness that p really sunk into people after the attacks. >> what did you specifically see, john, at the rally -- at these rallies that made you use such harsh words? >> just on both sides, a lot of politicization, harshly political rhetoric, and a lot of, not just anger, but hate. keep in mind, one of the organizers of the big rally in the afternoon is somebody who has referred to president obama as the muslim in the white house over 250 times in her blog. there's an inherently partisan political nature of this. it's really a divisiveness. that's what we need to push against. when mccain and obama went to the spokenny together, that's the spirit of this dayp that w need to keep in our minds and hearts.
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we're losing it. >> you're talking about the politicization of this. and yesterday i had a conversation here and everye agreed that everyo needs to take a step back and take a deep breath and not call people names and listen to both sides. now, in listening m to both sid, hat would mean that muslims would have to listen to the people who, youknow, don't want thise proposed mosqu and center near ground zero, and the same thing, the people who do want it would have to listen to the muslim community. i want you to take a listen to what was said this morning on "this week with christia christian amenpour. take a listen and we'll talk about it. >> one of the reasons they do have those anxieties is that motems have failed, moderate muslims have failed to make the face for why there is nothing to fear about islam. when major nadal hassan open fires on a groupf fellow fold
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sold jers and the first thing you hear out of the mouth of a moderate is please don't misunderstand, islam has nothing to do with this, you can't blame ordinary americans for scratching their heads and wondering what role does religion play here? >> does she have a point? and can you view this as a reaching across the aisle of sorts to say that there are regular americans, many of them who are not racist and who are not anti-islam who have questions and concerns about islam? >> absolutely. she makes an important point and a brave point. we're at war with islamic terrorists but we have never been in a war against islam. if we're going to be a civil society and create an example for the world, we need to always remember that greatness flows from o goodness. good people can disagree about the mosque and many other things.
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that's the tone we need to set. and remember niezing the reality that we're stilat war. but we have not and have never been at war with islam. >> your book is called "wing nuts -- how the lunatic fringe is hijacking america." i have to ask you about pasto terry jones. go. >> well look, that's a great example ofis etremists have a disproportionate influence. this guy is fairly insignificant figure was able to hijack media and hijack the anniversary vournding inin inin ining 9/11. it's a good example and a cautionary tale of the way extremists are able to hijack rothe media with deeply disproportionate, you know, unpresentative statements. and that kind of ugliness too ten occupies our attention. we need to push back on that. >> you have some very, very smart points here. what do we do, besides, you know, going to each and every person's door to try to explain,
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you know, to them about what islam exactly is, what do we do in this situation. >> i think we need to recognize there's a wider war between freedom and fundamentalism around the world an each of us has an obligation as americans to try to be the change we want to be and stand up to extremism wherever and whenever we see it. if americans do that, we can help turn the tide and stop these extremists from whatever form they might range in. from hijacking our debates. and we need recognize this is a wider war. it's the forces of freedom >> s the forces of fundamentalists. three days after a gas line and explosion killed four people anddevastated a san francisco suburb, you may be wondering how safe is your neighborhood. coming up, a look at the hidden dangers that may be underour home. plus, uld this man soon be the next speaker of the house? some republicans are predicting
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>> time now to preview the week in politics. there could be a big bre in a washington standoff. house minority leader john boehner now saw says he would vote with president obama to extend the bush tax cuts for everyone but theop wealthy, but >>ly if he had no other option. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making thhse poin now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans. if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> mark preston has put on a jacket now from his earlier reports and he joins me. hnoehner has been asking for the tax cuts to be applied to
10:20 pm
everyone including thewh wealth. what's snup. >> the republicans have been forceful saying presidenama cannot let the tax cuts expire. but president obama came out and was very critical of john boehner and the republicans just a couple of days ago. what we saw today is john boehner coming out and saying look, bottom line, if this is my only option, this is what i'm going to do. and, you know, his aids put out a statement -- let me just read you a line on this statement to show you why john boehner made this comment today. it said boehner's comments deprivedto president obama of t ability to continue making false claims about where republicans standn these critical issues. bottom line, rocepublicans don' want democrats to say republicans are anti-taxes for the middle classes. anti-tax cuts. >> tough words. and git's only going to get tougher leading up to the elections in november. so it's going to be a busy week in politics. give us a highlight. >> well, you know, extremely busy week. let's start off with tuesday, don.
10:21 pm
seven states and the district of columbia are all holding primaries. in new hampshire and delaware a divisive contest. here in washington, d.c., adriaa fentey up agast the wall as well. up in new york city, you have charlie rangel as well in a tough re-election as well. the embattled congressman from harlem. let's move on to wednesday. the reblican national committee, don, kicks off a 48-state election tour, all the way up to election day. they're trying to rally the troops heading into november. and into friday, social conservatives come to washington, d.c., don, for the value voters summit. they want to hear from mitt romney, mike hukabee and mike pence. >> who's going to in iowa this friday? >> you know who'sot going to be here for the values voters summit is sarah palin. but she's headed to iowa. she's going to keynote a very big fundraising dinner out there. foray all the naysayers who say
10:22 pm
sarah palin isn't looking at 2012, run for possible presidential nomination, she's headed to iowa. >> for the very latest on what' on our ticker, go to thank you, sir. >> we're keeping a close eye on the tropics as hurricane igor gains strength. the it's now a category 4 storm. is the u.s. in its path? plus tonight, one of mexico's most wanted men behind barps the arrest is a big win in mexico's fight. get discounts of up to 40%.can but so can your neighbors. they can ao tell you how state farm's new pocket agent iphone app can help you manage your account, find the nearest gas station, or even -- even help you call a tow truck. and those are just a few of the per experienced by the 40 million drivers insured by state farm. so, talk to your neighbors. then call a state farm agent, like me. ♪ that's a nice picture. thank you.
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ne loveland, colorado, officials ordered an evacuation. officials think at least 100 homes are threatened. soar they know one house has been completely destroyed. about 100 firefighters, nine air tankers and four helicopter tankers are trying to get the fire under control. 11 people in texas, including eight children are hospitalized after tboats collided today on lewisville lake north of dallas. a 10-year-old boy was seriously injuried. a spokesman says both boats had
10:26 pm
been rented by the same group and one vessel apparently t-boned the other. one of mexico's most wanted men is in custody. marines in central mexico napped alleged drug lord sergio villarreal or el rand he's known. his capture comes justr weeks after therrest of a fellow cartel member a rival. meanwhil dozens of drug cartel members and hitmen are on the loose after breaking out of a prison near the bou.s.-mexican border. authorities say the 85 inmates scaled the walls of the prison in mexico on friday. a massive manhunt is under way right now. two guards are alsomissing. dozens of over guards are being questioned in the largest jailbreak in mexico's history. time to tch this one. hurricane igor is churning awti in the atlantic and has now
10:27 pm
reached category 4 status. it's not very big but powerful. >> so powerful. 24 hours ago, we were talking about tropical form igor. wrapping with intensification of this system today. now we're looking at a category 4 system with winds of 140 miles an hour. unbelievable the way this thing intensified today. it's a very symmetrical storm. very round, ve balanced. it will likely go through changes over the next uple of days. it was moving in a westerly direction. as we headed into wednesday and thursday, as it getsth closest the western tantantilles it's g to turn more westward. certainly we'll have impact with the wave action. if thistorm moves larger, the
10:28 pm
outer banks would include the virgin islands and puerto rico. after that we still have a question mark because most of the computer models are keeping it turning. remember the outer banks and then heading up the maritimes? we think it will go to the right of that. potentially closer to bermuda. a week away from now, there's a lot oroom for error. the u.s. coast does need to watch and be alert of igor. look here, this is tropical umber 12.n and this developed today. winds right now, 35 miles an hour, but it's very likely, as those thunderstorms in he intensify, that this is going to become tropical storm julia. in fact, that could happen with the next advisory coming up before the top of the hour. and if that happens, of course, we'll bring that information along to you. >> thank you very muonch. appreciate it.
10:29 pm
have a good one. the devastating gas explosion in california may have left you wondering about safety in your own neighborhood. tonight, we talk to an expert about what you need to look for. >> you need to ask, how old is the infrastructure? how old are the pipes? are they being replaced? and pay attention in that way. plus a fiery crash caught on video. the driver is trapped as the car burns. i'll show you how it ends. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough justsn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts.
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>> another gas explosion in california is raising questions about the massive network of oil and gas pipelines that chris cross the country. thers more than 2.3 million miles of pipe, much of it put in, well, decades ago. i asked dan weiss, a member of the georgia public service commission about the aging infrastructure and what kind of questions we should be asking the people in charge. >> in the country, there isuc a aging infrastructure, but in many jurisdictions, they are upgrading. in georgia, that's one of the things we've continued to do. in the last decade, we've replace the about 90% of the infrastructure in our state.but but in other parts of the country, they probably have not
10:33 pm
been as aggressive but it's still a safe delivery system. >> here in georgia you said they replaced a lot, but what's being ane around the country to address this issue? >> again, it's a partnership between the localie utilities, e jurisdictions and the federal jurisdiction that has some oversight over the pipeles in that area. >> so as i'm walking in my neighborhood this weekend and people are saying oh, my gosh, that explosion, we live in an old historic neighborhood. what kind of questions should we will asking our city officials? our state officials about this? >> clearly, you should start with your public service commission. you need to ask how old is the infrastructure? how old are the pipes? have they been replaced? are they being replaced? and pay attention in that way. at the se time, you can always be an observant citizen as well. >> we talked about the gas pipe, the lineshat run under the country. we said there's 2.3 million miles. the bulk in louisiana and texasi
10:34 pm
obviously we get a lot of our oil from there. so l k at all of this. and, you know, we cover these stories all the time about gas explosions. you don't know. is it -- we always say in the news, could it happen here? well, it could. >> it could. there's always a possibility of that. and that's one of e things that individual jurz dibs aisdi are working so hard to grade these aging systems. that's what we do and many other states with appropriate leadership can do, but there's a cost assocted with it. so if there's an aging infrastructure in san bruno and it a 60 or 70-year-old system, you've got to look to utilities and the state public sfgs commission. >> here's the thing. you smell gas. it's the additive they put in there so you can smell it, srrect? >> exactly. >> so you smell it all the time and you don't think twice. what do you do now if you smell gas. i'm sure more people if they're paying attention to the news are going to be calling saying hey, i smell gas. >> there's a catch phrase, smell
10:35 pm
gas, act fast. call 911. >> really? >> absolutely. if you smell gas, don't play around with it. get it done. >> we wa to help you out here and bring is this home for you s what happened. the san bruno blast happened when a 30-inch pipeline exploded. match natural gas pouring out of that. then if it explodes -- there are 2.5 million miles of pipeline in the country. that's enough to circle the earth 100 times. you can get a i sense of how mu it is on this map. look at all of that. you can see the blue and yellow. the blue states, that'sun pipelines that run through multiple states. and then there's the red ones as well. this website, the one right here, take a look at that one. that website is a national pipeline mapping system that litlets you see the pipelines in your area. and also here, this one talks
10:36 pm
about integrity. you can search by county, and we ecked out dallas, texas, for instance. the green lines are gas transmission lines an the red lines areipelines that carry hardous liquids. let's go to number four now. on this website, you can even see and put in your street address here as we did for the cnn location. and there are no pipelines that show uere are here. now, it's important to ne that itea doesn't mean that there aren't any pipelines in cnn's neighborhood. the map only shows pipelines that fall under the federal government's jurisdiction. so gas lines that provide directly to your house do not show up on this map. local officials need to do more digging. and check this one out. it's a lot of information. so if you want to go, go to our blog and you can find a link to all of eathis. it will really help you out if you have concerns. i know my neighbors in my
10:37 pm
neighborhood were particularly concerned because we live in an historic neighborhood and there's concern about infrastructure and obviously people don't want the worse to happen like what happened in san bruno. a four-way fight forhe senate republican nomination in new hampshire to tell you about. sarah palin is steppinin as the race heats up before the state's tuesday primary. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly amemorable. ♪ we get double miles on every purchase. echo! so we earned a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh-oh. we get double miles every time we use our card. i'll take these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages.
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>> we're keeping an eye on the latest headlines of the political ticker. paul steinhauser is in washington. a >> a big night on let's start with the new hampshire primary. we're just two days in new hampshire, the accomplishment republican candidate up there for the senate nomination, she has been backed by sarah palin. we just learned that palin has now recorded a robo call which will be sent out to republican voters. this has become a four-way fistfight for the senate republican nomination up there. next on the cnn political ticker, vth joe bimpn back o campaign trail tomorrow.
10:41 pm
going to pennsylvania, campaiinwihe democrat's senate nominee up there, joe sestak. he's going to be helping raise money, campaign cash, for sestak who right now, according to polls, tails the republican nominee up there. that's a seat the democrats want to keep in party hands. and finally, check thi out. our cnn 100. we updated a list of the most vulnerable house seats. we have 100 of them. and right now, we say 85 of democratic are seats. 15, only 15 are republicans. rememberdon, the magic number for the republicans who win back contl nof the house, they need a net gain o39. check it all out at don? >> thanks. >> all right, let's checkhe stories that will be grabbing the headlines in the week ahead. from the world of politics to wall street to show business.
10:42 pm
the president brushing criticism off because he wants to give students a pep talk and give the american people an update on his education initiatives. later in the week he's goi back on the campaign trail, connecticut, to raise money as we get closer and closer toe those critical midterms. i'm dana bash on capitol hill. congress is going to return back to work after a summer that many agree was not good for the democrats. there's a bill l to help small businesses looks like it will now pass the senate with the help of one senate republican, but democrats are divided on whetheor not tosh extend all bush era tax cuts, or let those for the wealthiest. americans expire. that's what the president and democric leaders want to ,do but others in very very tough
10:43 pm
re-election battles say they're not sure they want to get pegged with raising taxes in a bad economy. >> i'm epoppy harlow in new ay. it's a big ahead for wall street. investors will continue to look for signs of life in the u.s.t t economy. we'll get the latest readings on retail sales and also a look at consumer sentiment this week. and on wednesday, former fed chairman alan greenspan will speak in new york. then on thursday morning we'll get a first time jobless claim. those are critical. arnings from t e oracle and research in motion. >> i'm a.j. hammer. here's what we're watching this week. we're expecting big news to eak monday when oprah winfrey kicks off the 25th and last season of her show. she's promising huge headline making surprises. and will this week's mtv video awards finally put an end to the kanye and taylor swift fiasco? all right, thank you very
10:44 pm
much, guys. now what's happening internationally. let's go first to france where there's some news about a burka ban. >> on tuesday, they're going to vote on whether tooutlaw the burka in public. s they could be signed up t $180 and also get sent to citizenship course to learn french values. >> what about afghanistan? the parliamentary election ss. >> afghans will hit thed polls and vote for 249 seats out of 2,500 candidates. can you imagine this? imagine what the ballot looks erke. but anyway, if this goes well and there's no violence and there's no vote rigging, it could really help the legitimacy
10:45 pm
of hamid karzai's government given what happened in his re-election last year. so again, another story we'll be following. >> it's important for the men and women in uniform and the region. this store vi a little li t lighter. >> the 2011 version of the d "guinneess world records" is going to be out this eek. it's going to be released iyn te u.s. on tuesday and a worldwide release on thursday. now, one of the main entries here that we have is the world's shortest man. he's a little over 70 centimeters which puts him about two feet -- let's see here, two feet and four inches. that's how tall he ntis. >> that's pint sized. >> he's actually from colombia, 24 years old and weighs 22 pounds. >> very interesting stuff.
10:46 pm
i like having you here, chatting with you over here. great stories and much more we'll be following at our desk. thanks have a great weekend. >> thanks, don. great to have you back. it seems a controversial debate over a islamic center has sparked controversy. >> i don't know a lot about islam. i only knew one fellow who is a slim. i knew it was going to be a learning process for me, but we follow jesus. >> he'll tell us hd ow his ss mee is being received coming up. [ wind howling ] [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese.
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lose weight and save money, but you must act now. final weeks. hurry, now's the time and this event won't last. call... before this limited-time offer ends. another stimulus a package taking a bite out of apple's s itune. here's stephanieelam with this week's "getting down to business." president obama is pushing a $350 billion plan to create jobs, shore up infrastructure and get the economy moving in the right direction. one group in particular that
10:50 pm
could benefit? young people. less than 48% of people age 16 to 24 had jobs in august. that's the locowest level on record going back more than 60 years. neway unemployment numbers are t thursday. there's battle of the brands happening in stores near you. a new study by consumer reports found grocery brands well in competition with their more exnsive name brand counterparts. in 21 head to head natch-ups, tional brands won seven times, store brands won three and the rest was a tie. store brands are typically 30% cheaper than name brands. the latest retail sales report is coming out this week. apple will soon have some big competition. sony and google have both announced they're launching digital music serves to rival itunes. that's this week's "getting down to business" stephanie elam, cnn, new york. >> thank you.
10:51 pm
we want to check our top stories right now. denmark has raised its terror threat level after an incident involving this man. here he is at a hotel on tuesda on friday, h ae was injured in explosion in a bathroom at a nvtel that police say he triggered. now they are investigating whether he was targeting a danish newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet mohammad in 2005. secretary state hillary clinton heads to the middle east on orrow to try keep israeli-pastinn lks on track. israeli settlement expansionke expected to take center stage. the palestinians want israel to extend a freeze on settlement construction in the west bank. the freeze is due to end september 26. at least two people were killed today infghanistan while protesting against a florida pastor whoad planned to burn the koran. security forces open fired to prevent the crowd of 600 people from storming government offices.
10:52 pm
four other demonstrators were hurt. protests over the burning hhaad started in afghanistan before pastor terry jones abandoned his plan. with all this talk of burning korans and blocking the building of islamic center, a church in tennessee offers a refreshi change. the heart song church in suburban memphis opened its arm to its new neighborash mosq. >>eporter: these words say it all. >> once we put up the sign in three day, people from the islamic center called us and they were overwhelmed that we would be so towelcoming. >> reporter: the pastor said when he heard aboutth plans for thes multimillion dollar memphi complex being built near his church, he knew he had to react. >> i don't know a lot about islam. i only know one fellow who is a muslim. so, you know, i knew it was going to be a learning process for me, but we follow jesusnd
10:53 pm
he tells us to love our neighbors. >> reporter: stone says he hopes by putting out a welcome mat for muslims, it will send a strong message to those who may havewi associated christians with being anti-islam. >> peoplehat associate christians with folks that are afraid of or don't like muslims, i can't judge those people that are christian. i just believe to take the name of christ and to be hayesful and do hayesful things is a real or insult. >> reporter: to prove his point, stone says the heart song church congregation is tang its new relationship with members of the memphis islamic center one step further. >> tir facility was not quite finished, still isn't. and they came and asked us if they might be able to use our facility for ramadan prayers which we took as a high compliment. >> reporter: stone says it's thn beginning of a friendship that he hopes will inspire others to love their neighbors. coming up, an incredible crash caught on tape.
10:54 pm
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10:57 pm
want to get you ready for the week ahead. two storms, a very powerful hurricane and now a tropical depression being named a storm, right? >> that's right. we warned you td-12 might be t upgraded to tropical storm julia. that's what happened. it's this one veryfar away from land other than the islands. it has a potential to get stronger over the next couple of days. boy, igor just continues to intensify. this is incredible. winds are now up to 150 miles an hour. very high end of a category four storm now.
10:58 pm
the official forecast track also s been updated along with the intensity. and look at this, by tomorrow evening, 155 miles an hour. if you're over 155, it's a category five storm. so we could see that in the next 12 to 24 hours. o igor continues to be a very powerful and very dangerous storm. we'll be tracking both of these along with a tropical wave in e caribbean that has some potential. yeanin busy sythings are reall and very active, don. >> from a tropical storm to a cat 4 to -- >> almost a cat 5. yeah, azing. >> boy. thank you very much. you know, on sundays, we always want to catch you up on some news througshhout tf' week. three sheriff's deputies in georgia putn their lives on th line to save a man from a burning car. their bravery was caught on the cruiser's dash board canada in gordon county georgia. a man lost control of his car, crashed and burst into flames. the deputies and a passer by
10:59 pm
tried to knock down the flames. and finally broke a door window to pull the driver to safety. and just announced, a book sale unlike any other. you could call it the ultimate best seller. auction use sotheby's says this book "birds of america" is the most expensive in the world. expected to go for about $9 million. wow. the auction on november 7 will also offer what sotheby's labels the most important book in american literature,irst pholio of 1623 contains all the plays of william shakespeare. that anticipated price? abou$2 kemillion. take a look at this video. is it a young girl running after a ball that goes into the street. it's part of a traffic safety campaign in canada designed to make drivers slow down.
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